Asphalt Technology: An Introductory Course for Civil Engineering Construction

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Asphalt has been utilised as a material since ancient times. Advances in technology including the sustainable benefits from asphalt use have led to its use as a common  material for civil engineering construction.

With the current and proposed level of infrastructure works in the UK, a full understanding of design considerations, the on-site application of asphalt production and the role that quality control plays is paramount to ensure a ‘right first time’ approach is achieved.


At the end of the course, participants will have received training that will enable them to:

  • define current terminology used in the context of asphalt technology for pavement construction
  • Identify the different types of asphalt produced for typical applications in accordance with the BS EN 13108 series and the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges Vol 7
  • Recognise the performance characteristics of asphalt
  • Be able to identify the types of binder and aggregates used in asphalt mix design and recognise how these materials contribute to on-site production methods
  • be able to identify factors that can impact on durability and select appropriate methods during production to prevent early and long term deterioration
  • appreciate the equipment and methods necessary for the successful placing and compacting of asphalt including preparation practices, treatment of joints and application of surface finishes.
  • Understand the principles and application of BS 594987:2015 for transport and delivery, laying, compaction and testing
  • be able to determine the curing period on environmental and production drivers prior to opening to live traffic
  • perform pre and post quality control tests including loose mixtures, density and cores
  • recognise the process for identifying and dealing with non-conforming asphalt
  • identify common asphalt repairs methods


The course covers the properties of asphalt and its constituent materials, giving an appreciation of the factors that are essential to the successful production, use and application of asphalt for concrete pavements.


The course is suitable for a wide range of personnel engaged in the construction industry, particularly those responsible for on-site production, drawing up, checking or interpreting asphalt specifications and whose work calls for an appreciation of asphalt technology including the choice of materials, a working knowledge of relevant current Standards and correct terminology applied to asphalt.

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