Asphalt Technology

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At the end of the course, participants will have received training that will enable them to:

  • Define current terminology used in the context of asphalt technology for pavement construction
  • Identify the different types of asphalt produced for typical applications in accordance with the BS EN 13108 series and the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges Vol 7
  • Recognise the performance characteristics of asphalt
  • Identify the types of binder and aggregates used in asphalt mix design and recognise how these materials contribute to on-site production methods
  • Identify factors that can impact on durability and select appropriate methods during production to prevent early and long term deterioration
  • Appreciate the equipment and methods necessary for the successful placing and compacting of asphalt including preparation practices, treatment of joints and application of surface finishes.
  • Understand the principles and application of BS 594987:2015 for transport and delivery, laying, compaction and testing
  • Determine the curing period on environmental and production drivers prior to opening to live traffic
  • Perform pre and post quality control tests including loose mixtures, density and cores
  • Recognise the process for identifying and dealing with non-conforming asphalt
  • Identify common asphalt repairs methods

Categorised in: Roadworks / Utilities / Excavation