Crane Appointed Person (CPCS)

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Crane Appointed Person

Course Duration – 5 Days
Days: 1 – 4 (Day 5 for CPCS testing)

1 – 8

Course Objectives

By the end of the course the delegate should be able to:

  • Carry out planning for selection of cranes, personnel and lifting equipment for the management of a lifting operation to the required standard.
  • Demonstrate a practical understanding of safe and appropriate techniques for planning lifting operations.
  • Plan the lift including resources required to supervise, co-ordinate and control all types of lifting operations.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of responsibilities under relevant legislation

Course Summary

  • Relevant legislation
  • BS 7121
  • British safety signals
  • Cranes: types and terms
  • Crane documentation
  • Tower crane appreciation
  • Role of an appointed person
  • Control of the lifting operation
  • Preparing lifting plans
  • Manufacturers’ recommendations
  • Safe planning of lifts
  • Duties of a lifting supervisor
  • Identification of suitable ground conditions
  • Sequence of siting a crane
  • Crane stability and duty charts
  • Safety devices
  • Safe slinging
  • Safe systems of work, including method statements
  • Rigging and reeving
  • Automatic safe load indicators
  • Multi crane lifting
  • CPCS theory preparation

CPCS Trained Operator Card – Valid for 2 years.

Refresher Period
The CPCS Trained Operator Card is not renewable (see follow on-courses below).

Any Other Relevant Information
Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) Testing is carried out to CPCS standards by CPCS Approved Testers.
CPCS testing consists of passing a Health, Safety and Environment test for Managers and Professionals, then a CPCS Theory Test followed by a CPCS Practical Test. All tests may be monitored by CPCS.

Recommended Follow-On Courses
CPCS require that a Vocational Qualification (VQ) L3 in Controlling Lifting Operations : Planning Lifts is achieved within 2 years of gaining a CPCS Trained Operator Card. A CPCS Competent Operator Card, for this category, can be applied for upon achievement of the relevant VQ. The CPCS Competent Operator Card is valid for 5 years and is renewable.

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