Oil Spill Response – Train the Trainer

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KN Services ‘Train the Trainer’ course comprises of a mixture of classroom power-point presentations and on-site demonstrations. Those attending will first be taken through the whole presentation which they will eventually be delivering, then the process is repeated to allow candidates to understand each section in detail and then, have chance to deliver sections of course to gain confidence in presentation techniques.

With 30 years experience in inland oil spill clean-up operations, KN Services has put their considerable knowledge and expertise into creating a course that is as easy to understand as possible for those, both learning the course and for future trainees. The course comprises of the following sections:-

Classroom Session

1. Introduction

  • Aims of training
  • Training benefits
  • Perception of oil spills
  • Reality of oil spills
  • Causes of oil spills
  • Effects of pollution

2. Health & Safety

  • Personal safety
  • PPE
  • A safe approach
  • Product safety data sheets
  • Spill contingency plans

3. Legislation

  • Environmental regulators
  • Important legislation
  • Oil storage regulations
  • Hazardous waste regulations

4. Spill Theory

  • Principles
  • Spills on hard surfaces
  • Spills indoors
  • Spills in soil
  • Spills on water
  • Vulnerable receptors

5. Pollutants

  • Heavy fuel oil
  • Diesel/Kerosene
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Engine oil
  • Emulsified oils
  • Chemicals

6. Absorbents

  • Absorbent types
  • Particulates
  • Matting
  • Containment products
  • Other anti-pollution products
  • Cleaning agents

7. Oil Spill Clean-up

  • Stop at source
  • Spills on hard surfaces
  • Spills in soil
  • Spills on water
  • Booming locations
  • Dealing with waste

8. Risk Assessment

  • Plant & machinery
  • Roads
  • Fuel delivery areas
  • Mobile oil storage
  • Oil tanks
  • Drains

9. Summary

  • Site awareness
  • Course summary
  • Test

On-site Demonstration

10. Site Demonstration

  • Demonstration on spill kit contents
  • Stopping spills at source
  • Spill containment on land
  • Drain protection
  • Spill containment on water
  • Booming Strategies
  • Biological Cleaning Agents

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