Pavement Design Using the DMRB – *Includes 2020 Changes*

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The Design Manual for Roads & Bridges (DMRB) dictates how the majority of major highways are designed in the UK.  Mandatory for Trunk Road schemes including motorways, it is also utilised by the majority of local authorities and highway design consultants for the design and maintenance of non-Trunk Roads.

Originally published in 1992, the DMRB has undergone continuous review and update to reflect best practice in the industry.  It is currently undergoing fundamental revision.  All the existing Standards are being replaced as follows:

CD 224 – Traffic Assessment

CD 225 – Design for new pavement foundations

CD 226 – Design for new pavement construction

CD 236 – Surface Course Materials for construction

This one-day course focuses on these Standards and considers their content, impact and implementation in design, providing an effective introduction to pavement design using the DMRB.

This course will enable delegates to understand the scope and application of the new pavement design suite and have the confidence and knowledge to undertake designs to the latest revisions of the key Standards.  It will deliver essential advice, knowledge and capability to those involved in pavement design.  A supporting session considers key properties of pavements and asphalts.

The tutor is recognised as a leading authority on asphalts and pavement engineering.  He is a Chartered Civil Engineer, a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers and has edited and contributed to several important published texts addressing highway design and road construction and maintenance.


At the conclusion of this course delegates should:

  • Have a broad understanding on the structure and scope of the Standards that govern pavement design;
  • Appreciate the principles of pavement design and asphalt technology;
  • Be confident in the assessment of traffic loading for design;
  • Be familiar with the principles behind the design of pavement foundations;
  • Be able to design pavements with reasonable confidence; and
  • Be aware of materials available for the construction of highway pavements.


Intended for


Civil, highway, pavement and transportation engineers involved in the design and construction of highway schemes.

Outline Programme



Traffic assessment

Design guidance for road pavement foundations

Key aspects of fundamental pavement technology
Pavement design

Choice of surface course



Course duration: 1 Day

Categorised in: Supervisory & Management