AutoCAD Civil 3D Essentials

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AutoCAD Civil 3D Training


This course will provide a thorough introduction to AutoCAD Civil 3D. The course features concise, straightforward explanations and real-world, hands-on exercises and tutorials that provide instruction on the core features and functions of Civil 3D.


Experience with AutoCAD or AutoCAD-based products (such as Autodesk Land Desktop) and a sound understanding and knowledge of civil engineering terminology.


l The AutoCAD Civil 3D Interface
l Product Overview
l AutoCAD Civil 3D Workspaces
l AutoCAD Civil 3D User Interface
l AutoCAD Civil 3D Toolspace
l AutoCAD Civil 3D Panorama
l AutoCAD Civil 3D Templates, Settings, and Styles
l Project Management
l AutoCAD Civil 3D Projects
l Sharing Data
l Using Data Shortcuts for Project Management
l Surfaces
l Surface Process
l Surface Properties
l Contour Data
l Other Surface Data
l Breaklines and Boundaries
l Surface Editing
l Adjusting Surfaces through Surface Properties
l Surface Analysis Tools
l Surface Labels
l Surface Volume Calculations
l Surface Analysis Display
l Alignments
l Roadway Design Overview
l AutoCAD Civil 3D Sites
l Introduction to Alignments
l Alignments Layout Tools
l Alignment Properties
l Labels and Tables
l Profiles
l Profiles Overview
l Create a Profile View Style
l Create Profiles from Surface
l Create Profile View Wizard
l Finished Ground Profiles
l Create and Edit Profiles
l Corridors
l Assembly Overview
l Modifying Assemblies
l Creating a Corridor
l Corridor Properties
l Corridor Surfaces
l Corridor Section Review and Edit
l Corridor Visualization
l Junctions
l Creating Cross and T Junctions
l Junction Properties
l Modifying a Junction
l Grading
l Grading Overview
l Feature Lines
l Grading Tools
l Modifying AutoCAD Civil 3D Grading
l Cut and Fill Volumes
l Levelling the Cut and Fill Volumes Using Grading
l Whole Site Cut and Fill Volumes
l Using Cut and Fill Areas
l Pipe Networks
l Pipes Overview
l Pipes Configuration
l Creating Networks from Objects
l The Network Layout Toolbar
l Network Editing
l Annotating Pipe Networks
l Quantity Take Off / Sections
l Sample Line Groups
l Section Volume Calculations
l Pay Items
l Section Views

Course Duration: 3 days

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