Setting Out for Construction

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Setting Out for Construction

This five days of training is intended for graduates, technicians, gangers, site supervisors and managers with or without setting out experience, wishing to expand on their knowledge.

At the start of the course each person is asked what they wish to get out of the course for their short term and long term needs thereby ensuring that the course is of value to every delegate and their respective employers by tailoring the content accordingly. This course is designed to widen participants knowledge of instrumentation, and utilize practical techniques for setting out.

Delegates who require Levelling & Setting out only need attend the first two days as a standalone module.

Delegates who require Total Station for Engineers only need to attend the final three days as a standalone module.

If any employer has any specific requirements they should discuss this in advance.

Course benefits:
Prevent expensive setting out errors buy enabling delegates to undertake a variety of setting out tasks with confidence and accuracy using predominantly practical exercises.

Training objectives:
To ensure that at the end of the course delegates will have an understanding of:

  • Utilize and understand equipment
  • Carry out necessary calculations for setting out
  • Set out buildings and drainage
  • Observe, compute and adjust a traverse


5 day practical course ‘Setting Out for Construction’

Suitable for: Graduate and trainee engineers and construction managers.

Covers all aspects of setting out including,

  • levelling, taping and total station;
  • profile boards and batter rails;
  • horizontal and vertical control points;
  • total station functions;
  • all relevant maths;
  • relevant calibration checks;
  • setting out using a tape measure.


2 day practical course ‘Levelling and Setting Out’ (Days 1&2)

Aimed at engineers, groundworkers, site managers and supervisors.

Delegates will be able to,

  • check the calibration of their level
  • transfer a TBM from one location to another
  • carry out a basic as-built survey
  • set features to the correct level
  • record their work correctly to minimise the risk of costly mistakes
  • set up profile boards for level and sloping excavations
  • set up batter rails for cut and fill
  • set out a building using a tape measure


3 day practical course ‘Total station for Engineers’ (Days 3 to 5)

Suitable for graduate and trainee engineers and construction managers.

Delegates will be able to,

  • set up the total station over a point;
  • carry out the relevant calibration checks; (horizontal and vertical collimation error, trunnion axis, prism constant, optical/ laser plummet, diaphragm orientation);
  • identify and minimise sources of error;
  • apply the relevant maths (geometry, bearings, co-ordinates, curves, trigonometry);
  • install accurate primary control points from scratch;
  • install accurate secondary control points (retro targets) using the correct procedure;
  • use a range of methods for plumbing columns and walls;
  • set out earthworks, foundations, roads and structures;
  • use the total station function including resection, tie distance, stake-out, reference Line, reference arc;
  • transfer large amounts of data from the total station to the computer and vice versa;
  • describe the capabilities and limitations of GPS.


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