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Super User Utility Location Coach

The Super user is responsible for supervising and assessing New Locators, Competent Locators
and Competent Locator Supervisors.
Experienced in utility location and application techniques. The Super User Locator
will be the appointed person to provide onsite assessments against the ZSi
Training Specification and assessment (Appendices 1, 3 and 4).
Must be competent in data download activities and communicating the data with
the appropriate parties for trending and analysis.
Must ensure they regularly use Genny and CAT equipment to maintain and
increase competence


  • To be able to complete a permit to dig
  • Understand the risks related to utility strikes & HSG47
  • To have advanced knowledge in the theory of Genny & CAT operation
  • Practically competent in the use of location equipment
  • To understand how to conduct a utility survey pre-excavation
  • Have the knowledge and skills to know what to look for in a site survey
  • Be able to support teams on site in the act of utility location & avoidance
  • Be able to coach and complete a documented assessment on site operatives
  • To be able to complete on site assessments in utility location & avoidance
  • Understanding of CAT download data and the transfer & analysis of data
  • Understand how the data applies to site surveying
  • To be able to conduct a utility strike investigation
  • Complete a USAG cable strike form

Key topics included in the training programme

  • CAT Manager – How to get the data from the CAT
  • Importing the data into CAT Analysis tool and creating reports
  • Importing data into CAT Manager online and creating reports.
  • Analysing raw data and looking at usage patterns
  • Spotting good and bad practice in the data
  • Utility Strike Investigation
  • Completion of USAG Utility strike form
  • Coaching others
  • Operatives will learn how to use the equipment correctly
  • Operatives will learn how to conduct a utility survey starting with the use of the Genny
  • Induction – To Include blind sweeps and nulling out
  • Operatives will learn how to apply capacitance techniques
  • Operatives will learn the effect of repositioning the Genny earth
  • Practical assessment on the delegates will be completed
  • Delegates will be asked to coach and assess each other with Sygma supporting individually
  • During this time delegates will get more hands on time with the equipment with individual support
  • Delegates will complete assessment forms and score each other
  • Coaching tips and assessment planning and structure
  • Problem scenarios will be found and issues resolved

Training Requirements

1-day Genny and CAT course which meets the ZSi Training Spec Appendix 1
and is EUS CAT1 accredited.
Successfully completed EUS CAT2 course.
Achieved CL competency through successful completion of the ZSi Practical
Must have achieved ZSi Competency level through the ZSi Practical Supervisor
Achieved competency in the EUS endorsed ZSi SUL Course.


2 Days

EUSR registration duration

2 Years


All Utilities

Categorised in: Roadworks / Utilities / Excavation