EUSR – Safe Control of Water Mains Connections (SCMC)

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EUSR – Safe Control of Water Mains Connections

The course is designed for site based operatives, and supervisors, installing and / or managing operations associated with laying of new water mains within domestic housing developments, and the subsequent connection of a newly laid / commissioned water main into the live water distribution network.

Candidates who should attend

Candidates who work for a SLO’s (Self Lay Organisations), who are registered or working towards registration under the WIRS (Water Industry Registration Scheme), as approved UCPs (Utility Connection Providers), to connect a newly laid commissioned water main into the live water distribution network, referred to as Contestable activities associated with the design and construction of water mains and services.

Course Aims

Candidates attend a training session covering roles, responsibilities and procedures that must be adhered to when connecting a newly laid (commissioned water main) into the existing live water distribution network.  The course includes information relating to the ‘Competent Person’, ‘Senior Competent Person’ and ‘Water Network Controller’ as set out within the ‘Self Lay Code of Practice (2nd Edition) National Addendum for Safe Control of Routine Mains Connections.

Course Pre-requisites

When registration is requested under the Safe Control of Water Mains Connections training programme, the individual must hold valid registrations for:

•    National Water Hygiene
•    Utility SHEA (Water)
•    Network Construction Operations (Water) Level 2 VQ for operatives and Level 3 VQ for Supervisors

Course Approach

A qualified trainer delivers the course.  Candidates must complete a registration form and successfully complete a multiple choice test at the end of the course.

Upon successful completion of the course and subject to pre-requisites detailed above being met, a registration card will be issued to individuals via EUSR.

Course Duration

½ to 1 Day dependent on size of group being trained.

Categorised in: Roadworks / Utilities / Excavation