IOSH – Safety for Senior Executives

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IOSH – Safety for Senior Executives

Course duration: 1 Day


Who Should Attend:

Senior Executives and Directors who provide strategic leadership, direction and oversight and set the policy on health and safety for their organisation and also directors who implement the policy at strategic level.

Course Aims:

To ensure that Senior Executives and Directors:

 Understand the health and safety role and responsibilities of senior executives;
 Recognize the importance of integrating health and safety objectives with other business objectives in order to minimize risk;
 Identify how health and safety should influence thinking during strategic planning, decision making and effective supply chain management;
 Know the consequences of failing to manage health and safely effectively;
 Understand the principles of occupational safety and health management systems,continual improvement and annual reporting..

Introduction and Setting Course Objectives

Senior Executives & Directors Health & Safety Responsibilities

Examination of the Legal duties imposed on directors and the moral issues.

Syndicate Exercise 1: Identify legal responsibilities in specified accident scenario

Corporate Governance and Health & Safety

The business case for effective management of health and safety risk, including “hidden cost” of failure and requirements for annual reporting.

Syndicate Exercise 2: Identifying current management control for an incident

Syndicate Exercise 3: Identifying potential costs and losses for an incident

Management Systems

Understanding the requirements for effective Health & Safety management, its principles and strategic implementation

Syndicate Exercise 4: Develop procedures to prevent reoccurrence of an incident

Course Assessment

A 20 minute multiple choice test paper.

Course Discussion and Conclusion

Course Objectives: –

Upon completion of the course, Senior Executives and Directors should be able to:

 Have a clear understanding of the legal framework of health and safety under which they operate;
 Integrate health and safety management systems into the overall management strategy of the organisation;
 Anticipate and recognise risks to health and safety and have the skills to address those risks.

Maximum number of delegates: 16

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