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  1. Renewing Certificates

5.1 From 4 September 2017, if you are an existing Scottish Street Works card holder, rather

than simply renewing the registration of your qualifications to obtain a new Street Works

card when it expires (as you do currently), you will have to be reassessed in the

qualifications which you held originally. For example, if you are renewing old style

operative qualifications in Reinstatement of construction layers in hot-lay and cold-lay

bituminous materials, you must be reassessed in certificates LA, O1, O5 and O6 (i.e.

units 1, 2, 6 and 7 under the old system). N.B. Renewal of Supervisor qualifications

will also have to be by reassessment in the relevant new certificates. Other than the

requirement for reassessment, the main difference will be the way in which the

certificates awarded to you are individually listed on your new Street Works card.

5.2 You have to be reassessed in subjects relating to Key certificates that have been

issued to you before the qualifications can be re-registered and a new Street Works card

issued to you. As long as the registration of your Key qualification certificates remain

current, you can add the registration of as many other certificates which have been

issued to you for other road works subjects. These will then listed on the back of your

Street Works card.

5.3 After 4 September 2017, you can continue to use your existing Street Works card until it

expires. If you wish to add the registration of a new certificate awarded to you in a road

works subject before your existing card expires, a new style card will be issued to you

showing the details of the new certificate together with the details of any other registered

qualifications carried over from your original card. The unexpired registered qualifications

from your previous card will be converted to their new equivalents while retaining their

original expiry dates. Your new style Street Works card will no longer have an expiry

date. The registration of every single new qualification awarded to you will have its own

expiry date.

5.4 You will be able to renew the registration of any certificate which has been issued to you,

either by reassessment of your competence in the subject (or by undertaking full

assessment – which involves both practical and theoretical assessment of your skills) at

any point during the period of time before the registration of the certificate expires.

Training is not compulsory however assessment centres may be able to provide it if


5.5 When the registration of a certificate awarded to you approaches expiry you will be able

to renew the registration at any time during its final year without losing the unexpired

portion. For example, if you renew a certificate within 10 months of the expiry date, the

renewed certificate will last for 5 years and 10 months.

5.6 You may also renew the registration of a certificate awarded to you when it has more than

a year left to go:


 If you renew within the first 12 months of the registration of your certificate, the

registration period of that new certificate will be 5 years from the date on which you

are reassessed as competent.

 You may also renew a certificate from year 2 to year 4 of its validity period,

however in this case the new registration of a certificate awarded to you in that

qualification will last for a fixed period of 6 years. (You may wish to do this if you

have certificates awarded to you which expire on different dates and prefer to align

the renewal dates for their registration in the SWQR).


5.7 A Street Works card is not valid once it has expired. This is either the card’s date of

expiry on current cards, or after 4 September 2017, this will be if the registration period

associated with a Key qualification certificate has expired, and separately where the

registration period associated with the qualification relevant to the work that you do has


5.8 Under the current regulations, you may apply to re-register your qualifications up to 3

months after the expiry date shown on your Street Works card. With effect from 4

September 2017 you can renew the registration of a qualification by reassessment any

time up to 5 years after the expiry date. This may be useful if you stop doing road

works for a while then decide to return to the industry.

5.9 N.B. With effect from 4 September 2017, if more than 5 years has passed since the

expiry date of the registration period associated with your qualification, you must undergo

full assessment of your competence before the qualification can be registered in the

SWQR and your Street Works card renewed.

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