Project Management Fundamentals

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Project Management Fundamentals

Project Management Training

Course Aim

To teach delegates how to effectively and confidently plan, deliver and manage projects.

Target Student:

Delegates who require a basic understanding of how to plan and manage a project. Designed for staff who do not need the intricacies of a PRINCE2 course or for staff who are aiming to attend a PRINCE2 course and wish to learn some prior basic project management skills.

Prerequisites: None

Course Objectives

  • Learn the principles of good project management
  • Plan and manage a project
  • Complete necessary project management documentation
  • Work as a team to plan, manage and deliver a project


This interactive course will take delegates through the process of planning and managing a project within a team environment. Delegates will work within groups with a Project Manager appointed to lead the group through the project management process.

Participants will:

  • Be interactive within this course
  • Be given a choice of projects to work on
  • Be placed into groups with one person in the group acting as Project Manager
  • Work through a 4 stage approach to Project Management
  • Complete the necessary documentation for each stage in the project
  • Work as a team to reach a successful outcome of their project

Course Content:

Project Management and the Project Life Cycle

  • What do we expect from this Course?
  • 7 Principals of Project Management
  • What is a Project?
  • Projects within a Programm
  • What is Project Management?
  • Who is the Project Manager?
  • Project Organisation Structure
  • The Project Life Cycle – 4 Stage Approach

Stage 1 – Initiation

  • Identify the need for the project
  • Analyse Business options
  • Lessons from previous projects investigated and acknowledged
  • Complete a Business Case
  • Give justification to the project
  • Measures benefits against dis-benefits
  • Document major risks
  • Define and document Roles and Responsibilities
  • Appoint a Project Manager
  • Business Case Sign Off

Stage 2 – Planning

  • Projects agreed and appropriately prioritised
  • A PID (Project Initiation document) created
  • Project Plan created using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Project planned detailing Phases, Tasks, Duration, Start and Finish Date, Constraints, Resources, Costs and Risk.
  • Resources added to the project
  • Create a Gantt Chart displaying the project’s tasks, milestones and critical path
  • Risk Register created
  • Quality Register created
  • Communications process created
  • Set a Baseline (Point of Approval)
  • PID Sign Off

Stage 3 – Execution/Control

  • Risks assessed and analysed
  • If required Change controlled and documented
  • Issues escalated and documented
  • Actuals against Planned documented
  • Stage Plans completed
  • Determine If Business Case is still valid or project will deliver the business benefits

Stage 4 – Closing a Project

  • Define the end of a Project
  • Determine if successful outcome
  • Lessons Learned Report completed
  • End Project Report completed

Duration: 2 Days

Categorised in: Supervisory & Management