Scottish Water – DOMS Module 13 – Advanced Sampling Practitioner

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Essential training to become approved to collect water samples from Scottish Water’s drinking water network. Available at client sites.

Scottish Water DOMS (Distribution Operations & Maintenance Strategy) Modules 13 / Advanced Sampling Practitioner

The Scottish Water Distribution Operations & Maintenance Strategy (DOMS) Advanced Sampling training course is a company scheme, created and owned by Scottish Water relevant for anyone taking potable water samples on the live water distribution network, from new water mains, new water service connections and sampling associated with water commissioning.

**Candidates must have a valid National Water Hygiene and Scottish Water DOMS Modules 1 to 12 registrations to be able to attend the advanced sampling practitioner course**

Candidates who should attend

Scottish Water staff, Contractor’s workforce inclusive of (Utility Connection Providers) and Consultants who are required to take and submit water samples to Scottish Water’s laboratories, or independent laboratories, for public health validation purposes associated with live distribution networks or as part of the commissioning process for newly laid water mains.

Course Aims

The Scottish Water DOMS Module 13 sampling scheme has been produced to ensure that Scottish Water, Contractors and Consultants staff who are required to take water samples follow a systematic and standardised approach covering key principles associated with the use, selection and use of the correct sample bottles, how to measure chlorine residuals accurately, how to sample correctly using the correct techniques and filling bottles in the correct order, and complete the appropriate paperwork for submission to the laboratories to minimise the potential of erroneous (incorrect) sample results.

Course Approach

A Scottish Water approved trainer delivers the training course. The training consists of both theory and practical aspects of water sampling. This includes identifying the appropriate bottle type & numbers for each sampling requirement, the sequence of when to take each sample, how to properly carry out a chlorine residual test using the Hach & Palintest Colorimeters, how to sample correctly from fire hydrants (use of regulation standpipes) and customer taps, completion of the appropriate Scottish Water LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) data recording sheets, and a practical demonstration by each candidate of taking samples observed by the Trainer / Assessor.

Registration is based on successful completion of the training course and competence observed by the trainer.

Upon successful completion, candidates will be registered on the EUSR database.

Candidates will subsequently be issued with a Scottish Water DOMS 13 Advanced Sampling Practitioner Registration card which is valid for 3 years and will subsequently be issued to the candidates within timescales as detailed in our standard terms and conditions.

Course Duration

The course is delivered over 1 day inclusive of the theory, practical and assessment of competence.

Course Pre-requisites

Completion of National Water Hygiene Scheme and DOMS Modules 1 – 12 must be undertaken prior to attending the sampling course.

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