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Scottish Water – Distribution Operations Maintenance Strategy

Scheme Overview

The Scottish Water Distribution Operations Maintenance Strategy (DOMS) scheme is a company scheme owned and produced by Scottish Water for persons working on Scottish Water sites. The registration database is operated by EUSR on behalf of Energy & Utility Skills.

The DOMS scheme has been produced in order to ensure a consistent approach across the Scottish Water region to safeguard the water quality reaching customers. By taking this uniformed approach to the operation and maintenance of distribution assets problems affecting water quality such as discolouration, microbiological failures and issues with taste and odours will be reduced. The DOMS scheme builds upon the foundation formed by the EUSR National Water Hygiene scheme.

An appropriate DOMS registration is required for all persons working on water distribution activities within the Scottish Water region. This includes, but is not limited to all Scottish Water and Scottish Water Solutions operational personnel, contractors, consultants, delivery partners, framework suppliers and self-lay organisations.

The scheme consists of 13 modules dealing with different aspects of the distribution, operations and maintenance of the water supply. In the event of any questions regarding which modules are required for a task please contact Scottish Water directly on 0131 445 6330 (ext 56330) or clic here to email for assistance.

Following a review of the process for DOMS training, the decision was made and agreed by the DOMS Steering Group to rationalise DOMS training. As such from 1st April, DOMS training must cover all 12 modules. In addition, the additional DOMS Module 13 (Sampling Practitioner) must be delivered as a full day course. More information is detailed in the update document available here.

How do I get a Scottish Water DOMS / EUSR card?

Registration is based on successful completion of a training course. Upon successful completion a cover note will be issued by the trainer and trainees will be registered on EUSR. Once the necessary paperwork and payment have been received a Scottish Water DOMS branded card will be issued within 28 days.

DOMS trainees must hold a National Water Hygiene card before a Scottish Water DOMS card can be issued.

Training is delivered through a network of trainers who have been trained and approved as National Water Hygiene trainers by EUSR, and who have been trained and approved to deliver the Scottish Water DOMS scheme by Scottish Water. All trainers deliver the same course content and testing. A list of approved trainers and training providers is available here.

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