Trimble Robotic Total Station (1 Day)

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This course is suitable for anyone who has a working knowledge of total stations and would like to
learn how to use a robotic total station. If you do not have practical experience of total stations, you
5 of Setting Out for Construction) before attending this course.

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:
• Set the position and orientation of the total station
• Enter data into the controller manually
• Create ‘working jobs’ and ‘control jobs’
• Connect the controller with the total station
• Navigate around the menus and programs
• Navigate the stored information in list format and map view
• View, edit, add and delete data
• Enter the correct settings
• Select the correct prism constant
• Take a topographical survey and record the results systematically
• Set out points of known co-ordinates using the stake out function
• Set out points in relation to a given line using the reference line function
• Set out points at given chainages and offsets along a radius e.g. road centrelines using the
reference arc function
• Transfer large amounts of data from the total station to the computer and vice versa
• Extract line data e.g the horizontal distance and level difference between two points
• Measure irregular areas and volumes such as stockpiles
• Import and work with DXF and DTMs
• Create and export DXFs and DTMs
• Import and export data to and from Excel
• Navigate around Trimble Business Centre software

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