Industry Approved Asbestos in Soils Awareness

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Asbestos in Soils Awareness


This course sets out the guidance issued by the Industry Approved body for the provision of asbestos in soils awareness training, as contained within the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR). The document provides the syllabus for the training along with guidance on the minimum content of all courses.

Asbestos in soils awareness training is required to be given to employees whose work could foreseeably expose them to asbestos. In particular, it should be given to all people employed on projects to redevelop brownfield sites and or sites that have previously been occupied by industrial buildings that have been demolished, where it is foreseeable that their work will disturb the soils and ground on site and may expose them to ACMs that may be present within the soils on site. Exemption from this requirement would apply only where the employer can demonstrate that work will only be carried out on sites in which the soils are free from risk of airborne fibres.


The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, Regulation 10 requires every employer to ensure that adequate information, instruction and training is given to their employees who are, or who are liable to be, exposed to asbestos, or who supervise such employees.

This course is concerned only with asbestos awareness training for people working on brownfield sites as per paragraphs 232 and 233 of the associated code of practice and shall be defined as ‘Asbestos in Soils Awareness Training’.

The course will assist employers to meet their legal obligations by explaining the properties of asbestos and its effects on the health of individuals, the types, uses and the visible manifestation of asbestos in soils. The course will also highlight the general precautions that need to be followed to avoid the risks from ACMs in soil in both planned work and in emergencies.

Course Objective

To provide an awareness of and develop knowledge amongst employees regarding the hazards and risks posed by soils and surrounding ground on sites that may contain ACMs. The course further gives an overview of the legislative measures and guidance available to safeguard employees.


ASA1) Initial training with no previous asbestos awareness training undertaken – The expected duration for this training will be 1 day or a minimum of 6 hours tutor/learning time, this training must include the asbestos awareness element as laid down by industry approved body.

ASA2) Initial training with previous industry approved certificated asbestos awareness training within 6 months of the start date. Verification of the asbestos awareness training must be undertaken by the training provider and must be no more than six months from the date of the asbestos awareness training, should the asbestos awareness training fall outside of this then ASA1 training will be required. The expected duration for this training will be ½ day or 3 hours.

ASA3) Refresher training should be considered if work methods change or gaps in competency have been identified by means of carrying out a TNA. It is important to note that Reg 10 of the ACoP requires employers to make sure that anyone who supervises employees who are liable to disturb asbestos during their work ensures they receive the correct level of information, instruction and training to enable them to carry out their work safely and competently and without risk to themselves or others.

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