Utility SHEA (Water)

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Utility Safety Health and Environmental Awareness (Water)

Scheme Overview

The Utility Safety Health and Environment Awareness portfolio of schemes have been developed in conjunction with industry to provide a uniform approach to health, safety and environmental awareness training across the utilities sector, in line with Health and Safety Executive guidelines.

The water scheme is designed for all persons involved in the operational activities of the water industry who require access to sites, both permanent and temporary, including all levels of operatives, supervisors and management. A Utility SHEA (Water) card lasts for three years from the date of training.

Utility SHEA (Water) comprises of thirteen modules. The eight core modules are common to all utility industries and form the basis of health, safety and environmental law and practices. There are five modules that are specific to the water industry which cover a range of operations within the clean water network, the sewerage network and process operations. All trainees will complete the core modules, however dependent on job role, they may complete any combination of the Clean Water Network, Sewerage Network and Process modules. It is designed to provide on-site evidence that an individual has demonstrated an appropriate level of knowledge and awareness. It is a passport scheme and does not indicate any level of technical competence or skilled expertise.


Module 1 Your Responsibilities
Module 2 Risk Assessment
Module 3 Workplace Procedures
Module 4 Physical Hazards (Part 1)
Module 5 Working in the Highway
Module 6 Physical Hazards (Part 2)
Module 7 Excavations
Module 8 Process Operations
Module 9 Sewerage Network
Module 10 Hazards to Health (Part 1)
Module 11 Hazards to Health (Part 2)
Module 12 Hygiene & Health
Module 13 The Environment

How do I get an EUSR Card?

Registration is based on successful completion of a training and assessment. Following training the EUSR approved trainer will apply to register the trainee. EUSR cards are issued within 28 days of receipt of the necessary completed paperwork and payment. Operatives are issued with a cover note following training to confirm completion of the training and assessment while they wait for their card to be issued. The training session is expected to last for approximately one working day and comprises a trainer led presentation and assessment. Trainees will be called upon to share their experiences and thoughts throughout, to build on the course material.

Training is delivered through a network of trainers who have been trained and approved by EUSR. All trainers deliver the same course content and testing.


Individuals who have recently completed a SHEA Water course are able to transition across to other SHEA schemes including CCPHSE, by completing a shorter course which contextualises the content from the initial course. This transition route is available to any individuals with a valid ‘Eligible for SHEA reciprocity’ endorsement on the website register search.

Please note: the registration gained from the transition route will expire 3 years (5 for SHEA Gas) after the initial course.

CSCS Affiliation

The Utility SHEA (Water) scheme is affiliated with the CSCS to allow water industry workers access to construction sites for purposes of utilities work without the need to complete a separate CSCS card.

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