GTO Report SCTG Annual General Meeting 30th March 2023

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February 28, 2023

Member Info

Current members 38
Number of members at end 2022 36

Training Days

Regular Training Days Delivered 824
EN-Grant Back Training Days Delivered 318
2022 Total 1142
2023 to date & booked to end May    (almost all Employer Network)                  750
Previous years  
Training days delivered  Jan – Dec 2021 772
Training days delivered  Jan – Dec 2020 530
Training days delivered  Jan – Dec 2019 562
Training days delivered  Jan – Dec 2018 476

CITB Employer Network (Grant-Back) Pilot

 From July  we entered into the Employer Network Grant-Back project with CITB funding of approx. £180k.   This is a new idea by CITB for funding being channelled through training groups to partly cover training costs but pay companies CITB grants as part of the training booking,  with local industry deciding their own training priorities.  Another objective of the pilot is to attract non-engaged CITB registered employers to train and claim grant.

The Group committee met several times both virtually and in person during the year to determine the best method of using the funding to meet our own group members requirements and the GTOs were tasked with targeting the Inverness/Highlands & Islands areas to promote the pilot.  CITB were to allocate 2 employer Advisers to assist the GTOs but as at the end of 2022, very little support had been received.  CITB have rectified this in 2023 and some support is now being given with a few employer leads in the Highlands & Islands.

At year end it became clear that we are unlikely to use all the allocated funds unless we open up the Pilot to all eligible member companies and for all training carried out during the remainder of project time.

This fund has been utilised by us in 2023 to fund free NEC4 courses to CECA members.  In a survey of all training carried out under the 4 pilot projects, the civils sector NWH & Scottish Water DOMS are among the top few courses being delivered.

CITB have carried out some initial employers surveys and the results are as follows 100% of companies gave positive feedback about accessing funding through the EN GRANT BACK project, 80% see this as a better method of claiming grant and 56% said the EN project had improved their perception of how CITB help employers.

Training Group Funding

CITB have confirmed that they will continue with the increased funding for the administration of all their training groups of £35k until end of 2024 year.  There may be an extension to the funding for the Employer Network (Grant Back) Project but this has still to be confirmed.   We are not aware of any other funds being allocated to groups.

Jenny & Teri, Group Training Officers (GTOs)