CAD for Site Engineers

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CAD for Site Engineers

Software: LSS

Duration: 2 days

Who should attend?: Graduate, trainee and experienced Site Engineers who are new to survey software, or who are familiar with other survey software and would like to use LSS.

What are the benefits?:  Site Engineers can dramatically increase their productivity, flexibility and confidence by being able to use basic software tools

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Import data from the total station
  • Tabulate data
  • Retrospectively attribute codes to points or re-code points
  • Annotate levels
  • Set up code tables
  • Transform local coordinates into OS and vice versa
  • Create annotated sections
  • Import images
  • Select points from an electronic file and export them to a setting out schedule
  • Create a contoured plan
  • Compare volumes between subsequent surveys
  • Retrospectively insert or edit break lines
  • Carry out visual checks on 3D models
  • Render slab levels and create a ‘heat map’ or report of as-built Vs design levels
  • Select layers to isolate the relevant information
  • Check and convert units
  • Import data into the total station including strings, polylines and design surfaces
  • Describe the potential technical and contractual pitfalls of working with electronic information as opposed to hard copy drawings
  • Use basic drafting functions
  • Create drawings and deliverables and present them correctly

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