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This safety critical course includes both theoretical and practical assessments in order to specifically operate a GRUNDOWINCH. Winches are designed for use in the cable and utility contracting marketplace to suit a wide range of applications. GRUNDOWINCH Operator Training instructs candidates how to safely utilise the GRUNDOWINCH through a detailed and practical explanation of operation. This instruction specifically pertains to and includes safety, set up and decommissioning of a 2- 10 Tonne Twin Capstan Groundowinch.

The one day course can accommodate up to 8 delegates per day.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the Grundowinch user guide and correct site set up of a Grundowinch
  • Make and identify the legal road tow checks
  • Utilisation of boom kit safely adequately
  • Understand the importance of direct towing in of PVC/PE ducts and pipes
  • Complete an operational controls and safety induction, which includes such items as: line speed control valve, tonnage levels (stage 1-2), in/out rope controls, and the dash/control point lay out.Undertake a practical training walk through of the correct operation of a GRUNDOWINCH
  • Recognise the correct set up and utilisation of the Grundowinch Printer
  • Grasp the correct procedure for decommissioning a Grundowinch
  • Learn the basic operator maintenance essentials for Grundowinch
  • Complete a short winch ‘pull’

Who will benefit?

Managers, supervisors, safety professionals and/or operatives who want to become qualified to implement and/or operate GRUNDOWINCH devices

Additional Information

  • Delegates receive a personal copy of our GRUNDOWINCH learners notes for reference
  • This course can be delivered at one of our specialist GRUNDOWINCH Training Centres or at your companies’ premises/site.

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