Mental Health Awareness Part 2

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Mental Health Awareness Part 2 follows on from SCTG’s Mental Health Awareness training delivered by Dr Alan Curley,┬áBSc, D.Hyp, MBSCH, PhD for Managers & Supervisors and is for those who would like to learn the best ways to support staff who are struggling with stress.

The training takes you through 4 case studies and the paperwork that managers and supervisors need to deal with when staff are/have been absent with stress issues.

The training also covers

  • Carrying out staff Stress Risk Assessment
  • Creating supported improvement
  • Writing Action Plans
  • Signing off and completing follow-up assessment

The half-day sessions will last for 4 hours and include a mix of theory and practice with a certificate given for successful completion.

Anyone who missed MHA Part 1 of the training but who has an understanding of the subject is welcome to attend.

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